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The Good Guys of Pest Control

Allgood Pest Control was founded in Dublin, Georgia in 1974. What began as a one-man operation committed to providing safe and effective pest management to families and businesses has grown to nearly 100 team members. Today, Allgood Services, Inc. operates the brand Allgood Pest Solutions in eight markets in Georgia and South Carolina. You will find us in Augusta, Charleston, Douglas, Dublin, Milledgeville, Savannah, Vidalia, Waycross and all points in between. In February 2017, Allgood announced that it will change its name to Cingo. Wow! Read the full story.

We attribute our success to a simple business plan built on core values that guide our decisions and actions and customer commitments that ensure a great customer experience.

Core Values

  • BUILD & PROTECT OUR BRAND.  We have had more than 52% growth since March 2012
  • RESPONSIBILITY. To our customers, our community, the environment and each other. Read about our Crush Cancer initiative to support Relay for Life.
  • HAPPY PEOPLE MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY. In a benchmarking study of 75 pest industry leaders, Allgood's retention rate was in the best practice range.

Customer Commitments

  • EASY. You should only have to contact us once. We abhor phone queues, voicemail and the notorious "someone will get back to you."
  • SAME FACE PROMISE.  The same service professional. Every time. No surprises. Or it's free. Why doesn’t everyone do it this way?
  • HAVE FUN WITH THE BRAND.  Whether we are collecting bug stories in our "pestimonial booth" or distributing do-it-yourself flyswatters and insect repellent, we try to enjoy ourselves.

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