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Cingo: Every. Single. Pest.

One person, one price, one promise.

As a homeowner, you don’t care if it scurries on the floor, flies through the attic or eats your house. You just don’t want pests. It sounds simple enough, but that is not the way the industry operates. Cingo by Allgood means you won’t have to deal with unmet expectations or hidden costs to protect your home from pests.

With Cingo and Cingo+ you will have predictable results, at prices you will understand and with a pest professional you will know.

Sound too good to be true? You are skeptical that pest control could be that easy. We get it, and we don't blame you. There are lots of jokers out there.


Every. Single. Pest.

With our Cingo plans, you are covered for every single pest. Really. Get the details.

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Cingo: Every. Single. Pest.
Pest control should be easy.
Allgood's Same Face Promise